Why Sourdough?

It is good for you, and it tastes amazing.

First of all, this is not the bread you find in your local grocery store.  There is no comparison to fresh, homemade sourdough bread!

I am not going to go into scientific specifics here. However, I will make a few statements that I have proven true to myself.  First off, fermentation is key to my health.  It has changed my eating experiences from - "I know I am not going to feel good after I eat this", to - "I love this, it tastes great, and know I am not going to feel gross after - yay!".


In a nut shell, a wheat seed has everything in it needed to sustain life.  But, the nutrients are all locked up. Fermentation frees those nutrients out of the grain and makes it digestible.  This process releases those carbohydrates, minerals and proteins which were locked up tight.  And you can maximize the flavor of your grain as you master the art of sourdough bread baking.  

It will put a smile on your face.

When I received my first starter, it took at least a year to get a good solid recipe down.  I scoured through recipes online and in books, and I baked many frisbee-looking, pale and sour loaves before I finally found something I was proud of. 

Then, the same could be said of trying to figure out the many other sourdough recipes to - well not master, but to find pride in.  I love using sourdough!

The bottom line of this website is to help others to find the same enjoyment without the endless frustration of not knowing exactly what to do.  Why bother? Because bread makes people happy, and it is to be shared and enjoyed with others.  Sourdough bread is good for you, and it will take you back to a time when life was simpler.  Your family and friends will greatly appreciate your efforts. 

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