Personal History

My husband and I own a window cleaning business in Scottsdale, Arizona.  And, I have taught math on a personal, one-on-one basis since 1988.  I am all about problem solving and helping others to learn as simply as possible.  When I received my first starter, I didn't know anything about the process but knew I would figure it out.  It was much harder than I realized.  

Once I had the basics down, I was able to teach my children and my friends how to make loaves in their homes.  However, it was always with much confusion.  My phone was buzzing off the hook with additional questions reconfirming different steps.  That is when I realized that the process was a bit more complicated than I first realized. 

So my goal now is to help others bake great loaves of sourdough bread in the easiest manner possible.  I have tried to clarify and simplify the steps as much as possible.  

I also teach how to make kombucha, fermented vegetables and college level math!

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