It is good for you and it tastes amazing.

Learn how to make consistently good sourdough bread! 

You get to choose how.
For those who live in the
Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Chandler, Phoenix, AZ metro areas, in home lessons are available.
Virtual one-on-one lessons are also an excellent option!

Virtual Lessons

We are now offering lessons through video chat.  The lessons are still one-on-one.  

I will walk you through every step of the process of making sourdough bread.  You can choose if you would like to start with a sandwich type loaf or artisan.  It will take a full day with baking the next morning.  Although the process is long, the hands on time is pretty quick.  So we will connect each time we need to do the next step.

A virtual class is $95.  This will include starter.  You will receive a list of the other baking items you will need.  

In Your Home or Mine: On hold due to the times....

You will be learning to bake bread in your own home, with your own tools and your own oven.  This is the best place to learn.  Sourdough bread is made with multiple steps over a couple days.  So rather than me having to hang out at your house that long, I will bring the various, advanced stages with me.  The learning session will take about one hour. 

You will enjoy the hands on experience of producing your own loaf from starter basics to mixing levain, folding, final shaping and baking.  

I even bring all the tools you need, as well as those you may just want to have, as a little kit, adding to your convenience. 

Just Some  Supplies

I try to keep on hand all the supplies you may need for sourdough baking.  I have proofing baskets, great weck jars which are perfect for starters, scrapers, and even dutch ovens which are temperature appropriate for this type of baking.  No need for a scavenger hunt for items which may work.  

Just a Starter Please

If you live in the area and just want a fresh and healthy starter to take home, I can provide that as well.  If you live elsewhere, I can mail you dried starter which will become active in a few days.

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