Dried Sourdough Starter 20 grams

$10.50 includes domestic shipping and handling.

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Once you receive your dried starter in the mail, reviving it is easy.  

First, measure out 10 grams into a jar.  Add 20 grams of water, mix and allow it to sit for about an hour.  Then add 10 grams of all-purpose, unbleached flour, mix well.  Put the lid on the jar, but do not secure tightly.  If using a Weck jar, remove the rubber and clips.  The total weight of starter, flour and water is 40 grams.

24 hours  later, add 40 grams of all-purpose, unbleached flour and 40 grams of filtered water.  Mix well and cover.

24 hours later, scrape out all but 30 grams of starter, and add 30 grams of all-purpose, unbleached flour and 30 grams of water.  Mix well, leaving no flour clumps and cover. 

By the end of this day, it should be bubbly and alive.  

This is the loaf of bread I baked from the dried starter three days after hydrating it!  The next loaves will be even better!

I would love to see pictures of your first loaves of bread!  Please share with me if you are able to, and don't hesitate to send in questions.  sourdoughlessons@gmail.com

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