Sample Schedule


If you are feeding your starter once a day, it helps to give an extra feeding the morning prior.

Evening, mix levain:  

25 grams starter

25 grams Artisan flour or bread flour

25 grams whole wheat flour

50 grams of lukewarm, filtered water.


Next morning.  

7 am, mix the dough: (autolyse period)

400 grams Artisan flour or bread flour

38 grams wheat flour

350 grams warm (not hot), filtered water


9:00 am, add the levain to dough mixture.  Mix well

9:30 Add 9 grams of salt to mixture.  Do about 40 folds.  Keep covered.

9:45 4 folds.  Cover.

10:00 4 folds.  Cover.

10:30 4 folds.  Cover. Just get at least 3 sets in even if in shorter time frame.

Now it will rest undisturbed for 4-6 hours from time of adding salt.

2:30 shape into ball and let it rest for about twenty minutes..

2:50 Reshape, sprinkle a rice flour on top and sides of the dough ball and place it in the banneton and refrigerate, covered.


Bake that evening or the next morning.. (next morning allows the flavors to develop more fully)


Preheat the oven to 500 degrees with the dutch oven and lid for at least 45 minutes.

Once the oven is ready, pull the dough out of the refrigerator.  Place it on parchment paper.  Score the dough.    Remove the dutch oven.  Place the dough with paper carefully in the preheated dutch oven.  

Put the lid back on pot.  Bake.

475 degrees 20 minutes with lid on.

450 degrees 25 minutes without lid.


Remove bread from the pan and put on a cooling rack.

Let it cool at least an hour prior to cutting.

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