Mix all ingredients in a bowl.  Knead the dough for about five minutes on a hard surface.  Put the dough back in the bowl and cover.  Let it sit out for a few hours to all day or overnight.

Divide into 12 balls.  Cover with a towel.  Wait at least 20 minutes, but longer is better as it allows the dough to relax.

Heat pan to medium.  Roll or use a tortilla press.  Cook on one side until it starts to bubble up and flip once.

Sourdough Tortillas / Flat Bread


400 g unbleached, all purpose flour (or you can blend flours of your choice)

1 tsp salt

120 g sourdough starter

6 oz filtered, lukewarm water

1.5 oz oil: olive or vegetable

Sourdough Tortillas / Flat Bread

So you realize you ran out of bread and you need a quick alternative.  These are your answer.  My husband likes them puffy and eats them just with butter.  We love them in the morning reheated in the toaster with a fried egg, avocado and a little cheese.  They make great flat bread sandwiches.  If you need tortillas, add less baking powder and keep them thin. 


No dessert in the house? Toss one of these in the toaster, watch it puff, and then slather on the butter and cinnamon with sugar.  And, for a real treat, lightly fry them up in some coconut oil and again, cinnamon and sugar.  Its a great fry bread.

I also use this recipe for empanadas, turnovers, and hot pockets (all pretty much the same thing).  I let the dough sit out over night or all day and they are nice and tender and good hot or cold.  If making sweet, you can add a little sugar to the dough.

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