How to take care of your sourdough starter.

First off, you have a starter.  This is your living, breathing friend.  Go ahead and name her, as she should be your lifetime companion from here on out.  Take care of her.

Dried Sourdough Starter 20 grams

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To keep this simple, start by feeding your starter every night. Make it a habit.  Every night before going to bed or after dinner, give her a feeding.  Alternately, you can also feed every morning. Which ever works best for your schedule.  We will use the term starter only when referring to your original friend, the mother.  Keep her safe.

How to feed your starter.

When it is time to feed your starter, remove most of it.  I leave about 20 - 40 grams.  You can put the excess in the trash or save it in a jar in the refrigerator for other usage. (Do not put it down your drain!!!!!)  I always save mine.  Its great for so many goodies like pancakes, scones, pizza crust, etc.  

To feed it, I will add equal parts of unbleached, all purpose flour and the same amount of filtered water.  40/40 grams, 75/75 or even 120/120.  I like to have a lot of extra starter for my refrigerator jar, so I make a lot of it.  But if you won't be making other things, you can use less.  The amounts do not have to be totally exact, just close.  

Mix thoroughly and then leave the lid loosely on the jar..  You will do this once a day.  You need the jar closed to keep out gnats, but not sealed tightly. Repeat the process every day.  

I keep my  starter visible, so I don't forget to feed it.  

You can put your starter to sleep by feeding it and then putting it in your refrigerator.  If stored in the refrigerator, you can feed it once a week or every few weeks.  When its time to revive it for baking, pour out most of it and give it a hefty feeding.  It should be usable next day.  

If going on vacation, it will really be fine in the the refrigerator for up to a month.  It may develop a dark liquid on top.  Just pour it off. It will take several feedings to get it healthy again before baking.

This is my lovely jar of excess starter which I keep covered and refrigerated.  A full jar means pancakes, waffles, tortillas, scones, cinnamon rolls....

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