Learn how to make consistently good sourdough bread! 

You get to choose how.

Steps leading to sourdough bread!

Now, bear with me.  The process may seem a bit complicated, but there is so much room for error.  When I was first learning to make sourdough, I was frustrated that I couldn't find a recipe that would be completed in a couple hours.  I didn't understand why it was a two day process.  But, it is. Fermentation takes times.  However, the hands on time is limited.  


First off, you need to make sure you have the needed equipment.  So that is a good place to start.  

20 grams of Dried Sourdough Starter

$10.50 includes domestic shipping and handling

Once you receive your starter in the mail, it can be revived and used after three days.  

Once you have your starter, take a look at how to feed and take care of it.

And now you are ready to make your first loaf of bread.  Email me and we can set up a day for your virtual lesson.  sourdoughlessons@gmail.com

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