Sourdough Supply List

These are the items you will need to bake bread at home.  If you are going to do a lesson with me, it includes the starter!

Dried Sourdough Starter 20 grams

$10.50 includes domestic shipping and handling.

This will take you to paypal for payment.

First you need to decide if you prefer to start with a sandwich loaf or an artisan loaf.  They have two different supply lists.  You will notice that more is needed to make an awesome artisan loaf, but they are worth it!  Although the sandwich loaf is amazing too!

1.  Artisan style loaf supply list.

2.  Sandwich style loaf supply list.

I have provided amazon links for convenience.  

I also keep many of the necessary items on hand.  I try to keep bannetons (proofing baskets), scales, pullman loaf pans, bench scrapers and Weck tulip bottom jars for your starter.  

In time, you can add one of these bad boys:  haha

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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